Martial Arts Movies

Martial Arts Movies

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Virtually everyone I meet who has learned fighting styles started by viewing kung fu films. One of the most apparent and also most traditional ones are the martial arts movies done by the late Bruce Lee. He really set the bar  in fighting styles movies. He made things much faster, much more remarkable, and much more involved than before. His motion pictures not only had excellent and extraordinary fight scenes, but they also had fascinating plots and scary bad guys too.

When watching old martial arts flicks, it is ridiculously easy to forget how pioneering they were when they came out. Many viewers get caught up in the bad translations as well as cheesy dialog, not observing the crazy unbelievable fight scenes.  The filmss of people like Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, as well as Jackie Chan have established a whole pedigree of excellence in combat scenes. They flawlessly combined unique kicks, punches, and throws, great choreography, and also amusing antics into one smooth whole.

Naturally, There are lots of other martial arts films besides kung fu movies. America has been making fighting films for years. There were, naturally, the Karate Kid movies. Any person that grew up in the 80s bears in mind these movies. They were appealing due to the fact that they featured a form of battling that had not been normally represented in flicks at the time. Karate is very simple, and does not always create great movies. In the Karate Kid flicks they actually made it function.

Several of one of the most appealing fighting styles movies are really not fictional films whatsoever, but documentaries. I first saw a kung fu demonstration video clip about a year back, and since then I watch as many as possible. Many of these demonstrations are based around long, intricate, elaborate dance-like routines as opposed to easy fighting. All the steps have a combative purpose, yet they additionally have an elegance and elegance to them too. Fighters shadowbox with imaginary adversaries, leaping, vaulting, kicking, as well as punching across the screen with grace and simplicity. They stress fancy aerobatics and fighting styles.

One of the few mainstream actors doing good martial arts movies is Jackie Chan.  While he is often in the popular consciousness, however, there are many other Asian martial arts actors that fly under the radar of all of us in the United States.