5 Facts You Should Know Before Watching a Kung Fu Film

Has someone finally recommended you a kung-fu film? If that’s the case, it’s time you start reading about kung-fu, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Asian martial arts films. You don’t want to spoil the experience. Martial arts films were once a huge hit and some of them such as Enter the Dragon gave us the biggest martial arts stars of all times. It seems mandatory to learn a few things before you watch a martial arts film for the first time in your life.

Here are the 5 most amusing facts about kung-fu movies that you should know.

  1. It’s possible to mow down and enemy with an everyday object. No matter which kung-fu movie you decide to watch this weekend, it’s definitely going to involve someone mowing down enemies with a household object. You’d never think about using it the way your protagonist is going to use it. This is routine for martial arts films and it’s not something impossible. There are number of people in the world who have mastered the art of using ordinary things as deadly weapons.
  2. One man defeating hundred men is another amusing thing you’d see in martial arts films. You’d definitely want to be someone who could fight that many trained dacoits. But you won’t believe it and this will ruin your mood. You won’t enjoy the movie. So know it before you watch it – this is possible. Read about the infamous 100-man Kumite Shields. That’s where one man takes on hundred trained martial artists. Although only a handful of men have succeeded at these tournaments, there has never been a doubt about existence of these tournaments.
  3. Catching arrows looks like an insane and a poor camera trick. Don’t be fooled by low production quality of most martial arts films. Catching arrows is possible and there are number of people recorded in Guinness Book of World Records who can do the feat. There is also a world champion in catching arrows as recorded by Guinness Book of World Records. So don’t let the low post-production spoil the fun. Kung Fu masters can catch the arrows.
  4. Kung Fu masters become even more brutal when they drink something. There is nothing there to spoil your mood. It’s one of the best sights to see a fight in drunken martial arts style. It’s a legal style and there are many masters of this style around the world. The next time you see your protagonist doing the famous drunken style, don’t start laughing. He can kick off your butt in no time.
  5. The infamous one-inch punch is a reality. There are some martial arts films that show someone hitting a punch from so close that it would simply be impossible to draw any power and yet the punch does some real damage. It’s a reality and many martial artists are experts at delivering the one-inch punch. You only need an inch of space to draw out this punch. Bruce Lee has publicly demonstrated this punch. The History Channel made a documentary about this one-inch punch recently. You can look up for it on YouTube.

5 Ways Enter the Dragon Influenced Western Martial Arts Films

Enter the Dragon is one of the biggest martial arts films when it comes to influence. It widely influenced Western martial arts films and culture. People were talking about martial arts and they were quoting Bruce Lee in their tea party discussions. For a number of reasons, Enter the Dragon is the most notable martial arts film in the history of cinema.

The way Enter the Dragon inspired USA and Europe is truly amazing. It indicates what a film can do for people. Enter the Dragon was about one-on-one martial arts fights and about Bruce Lee trying to figure out the truth when working for British Intelligence under cover. But it was also about strength, discipline, and character. It was something that heavily influenced everyone’s life who watched the movie.

Here are five ways this movie inspired the Western cinema and culture.

  1. Joint production across continents was a hit

The movie wasn’t probably the first attempt to bring artists and technicians together from two different countries but it was definitely one of the most notable projects of its time. Hong Kong and USA co-produced this movie and told the world how it was to be done. The movie went on to become the highest grossing martial arts film in the history as US audience received it well. As a result, it inspired the Western martial arts films and continues to do so even today.

  1. Inspiration for producers to welcome other martial arts stars

This movie wasn’t only big for Bruce Lee but it was also a signal for producers to look at other superstars from Asian martial arts cinema. It was truly a movie that set the tone for stars like Jackie Chan and Jet Lee to enter the USA industry and become part of super-hit films.

  1. Extraordinary Hand-to-hand combats can make the audience ignore the plot

Enter the Dragon wasn’t much about the story. Bruce Lee was asked by British Intelligence to help catch a rogue smuggler and criminal. To help, Mr. Lee had to join a martial arts contest on a private island. That was the only way to get closer to the smuggler who owned the island.

Sounds nothing special? It doesn’t matter. One of the inspirations for Western cinema was to involve extraordinary hand fights. It was the secret to get a smash hit film with a routine script. Bruce Lee made the fight scenes epic as he delivered extraordinary performance with precision that kept audience loving it for decades. It was Bruce Lee’s this unparallel performance that made him such a huge international star.

  1. Chinese Culture is lovely

Enter the Dragon was a celebration of the Chinese culture. When the movie took audience to Han’s island, there were number of inspirational cultural elements for the world to see. There were those traditional Chinese martial arts tournaments. Watching those tournaments on screen felt like being magical.

  1. A tipping point for martial arts in American culture

Enter the Dragon was the tipping point. It was the movie that brought that famous martial arts culture into the USA. Schools started teaching karate and students were crazy to defend themselves using martial arts. It was everywhere. Even the cinema followed up by delivering movies like Karate Kid, Bloodsport and numerous Jackie Chan films.

7 Crazy Facts About How Martial Arts Film Stars Train

When you walk out of cinema after watching a martial arts film, there is never a doubt in your mind about protagonist’s martial arts skills. It’s true that some of them have martial arts background but some of them haven’t ever been to martial arts school. You might have questions like what did they do to become so deadly? How did they look so expert on screen? You want to know how these martial arts stars train. Here are some crazy facts.

  1. Many artists have learned martial arts for their movie roles.
  2. Jackie Chan does his own stunts.
  3. Many film artists have hired professional martial artists as trainers.
  4. Sometimes martial arts film stars take some performance enhancing drugs for demanding action sequences.
  5. They can get in shape or out of shape within days to meet role’s requirements.
  6. All of them go to the gym daily.

If you think these facts alone can’t make a martial arts superstar, here is how these artists are able to deliver mesmerizing kung fu performances on screen.

Martial arts background

When you see Bruce Lee kicking off his opponents in Enter the Dragon, you think this guy should be a pro in real life to do it with such perfection in front of camera. True, some of the most famous martial arts film heroes have had professional training before they appeared as movie stars.

For example, the little dragon Bruce Lee started his martial arts learning at home with Tai Chi. Soon he was learning fencing from his elder brother who was a professional. He also learned karate and boxing at high school. In fact, he was a boxing champion at his school. When he came to the US, he founded Jun Fan Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Judo and Kali. He also spent time learning Wing Chun from the famous Ip Man.

Bruce Lee wasn’t the only one with a background in martial arts. Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, Van Damme, Wesley Snipes, Jason Statham and various other martial arts heroes have learned martial arts as professionals.

Strong work ethics

Unlike romantic protagonists, martial arts film stars are tough on work ethics. Whatever their training schedule, they never skip.

They have to learn lines and it’s difficult by every stretch of imagination. Once they memorize, they have to work on delivery and emotion. It requires strong work ethics to deliver a good performance on screen when your strength is action.

Many martial arts protagonists have spent a disciplined lifestyle where they’d get up early, take a healthy breakfast, spend time in gym and work on their acting skills. Since majority of these actors have been actual martial artists, they kind of have it in their DNA.

Keanu Reeves who always has a stunt double has an incredibly disciplined lifestyle. If you look at some of his action sequences on-screen, you’d know that this guy trains really hard despite not being a martial artist. Think of them who do their own stunts in martial arts films? Think about how they’d be training if a Hollywood action hero has to live a disciplined life to inspire his audience.


4 Useful Habits You Can Learn From Asian Martial Arts Films

I work for the best plumber in central New Jersey, Mercer Plumbers.  I think that to have a fulfilling job, a happy family, and a generally happy life you need to live by a set of principles.  I have my own “code” that I live by so that I can please customers, work well with my coworkers, and  be good to my family.

Asian martial arts films aren’t just extreme fun but they have certain lessons for the audience. If you watch these movies, chances are that you have already picked up a few habits you see martial arts gurus practice in the movies.

Martial arts are all about discipline. If you are able to discipline yourself, you can achieve any kind of experience, internal or external. Martial arts teach you to understand your body and learn how it functions. Once you have mastered this, you can become invincible by taking advantage of sublime hand-eye coordination.

Here are few important habits that one can learn while watching Asian martial arts films.


Majority of martial arts films give audience something to ponder about self-discipline. Protagonist is always self-disciplined and that’s how he masters the art of fighting. In some movies, the protagonist doesn’t have self-discipline and fails to beat the villain. Over time, protagonist learns about the secrets of self-discipline and with it comes his strength. These movies have their climax when the protagonist has become self-disciplined.

Watching Asian martial arts films teach one thing for sure – discipline. If you have discipline in your life, you can expect great things to happen around.

Fight for what’s right and help other people

When you see an Asian martial arts film, you see the protagonist defeating dozen of people with ease. You see the protagonist taking the step forward even when there is no hope. He always does the right thing and because of that mind-set, his is able to defeat his enemies when they are much more in number.

Seeing Asian martial arts films teach you to fight for the right. Whenever someone needs help, one needs to provide assistant, whether by fighting alongside someone or by simply offering verbal support. There is so much good that everyone can do once they develop the habit of helping people in trouble.

Being charming is a great way to become popular

So if you find it difficult to impress people closer to you, try being charming. That’s something you learn from Asian films all the times. The traditional protagonist almost always wins over hearts with his charming personality.

If you start smiling more and feel good about things, you can conquer depression and anxiety. It can be a huge help for rest of your life and the single most important thing if you learn this habit from Asian martial arts films.

Work as a team and in partnerships

Only rarely you see a protagonist from an Asian martial arts films doing it all by himself. There is always some help, some friends or colleagues working with the protagonist. People either work as partners or in small teams. Until they do that, they find it difficult to beat the villain party.

When you spend time watching Asian martial arts films, odds are good that you will develop a habit of working with other people. This habit can help you succeed in life. On top of that, you will make number of new friends once you learn to become a good team player.



8 Martial Arts Films That Women Should Watch

Many of you might think that martial arts films aren’t for women. This worldview needs to update as number of martial arts films are made for female audience. Here are some of the best martial arts films by women. Most of these films have a woman as a protagonist so watching them could be extremely exciting.

  1. Broken Oath

Broken Oath is a famous martial arts film released in 1977. It’s a storey of revenge that starts with a woman dying in a prison somewhere in the world. The woman had a daughter who starts off her life knowing that the only purpose of her life is to take revenge from people responsible for her parent’s death. It’s a perfect story to see how women can lead such movies. Female audience will particularly enjoy this classic tale of vengeance and hatred.

  1. Amazons

This classic martial arts film was released in 1972 and soon after became a major hit across Asia. The movie begins with death of last standing men of a famous family. When the news reaches the women, who are only ones left in the family, they decide to take the revenge from the army that was responsible for deaths of their men. The movie is all about women showing their anger and martial arts skills. It’s a must watch for women.

  1. Come Drink With Me

This 1966 classic is a true badass martial arts film. It’s about women hunting down a group of bandits. The protagonist is a girl who happens to be daughter of an infamous general. The movie opens up with protagonist smacking down a few ordinary criminals but it builds towards bigger things as the story progresses.

  1. Executioners from Shaolin

This grim movie was released in 1977. The movie has some amazing fight scenes where women kick the hell out of bad boys. The movie is about fighting for your home school.

  1. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

This master piece was released in 2000. Today, it is one of the most watched Asian martial arts films in the world. The movie went on to become the greatest blockbuster on American box office. Those who have seen only a handful of foreign films have seen Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. It’s an inspirational movie and anyone who enjoys martial arts should watch this movie irrespective of their gender.

Additional recommendations

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate was released in 2008 and received critical appreciation from around the world for fight scenes. They were so expertly done that it makes you wonder why more Asian martial arts films aren’t coming to American box office. The movie tells story of a young girl who wants to pay off her mother’s debt.

  1. Beautiful Boxer

Beautiful Boxer came out in 2004 and ever since it has been recommended a thousand times by martial arts fans. The protagonist is a transsexual and that’s something you rarely see in films, especially martial arts films. It’s a beautiful film and women should watch it at the first possibility.


7 Most Memorable Girls From Martial Arts Films

When you start watching Asian martial arts films, you feel like these movies don’t think much about women. This may lead you to assume that women don’t play any role in Asian countries, which is misleading. The movie culture just hasn’t got it right.

Still there are some great martial arts movies where you see girls at their best. These movies tell us that girls are capable of knowing and fighting for their rights. Some of them are badass girls that you won’t want to mess with. Here are some of the most memorable girls from Asian martial arts films.

1- Josephine Siao

Josephine Siao was probably the first girl to play a central role in a martial arts film. She has left memorable impressions on the martial arts cinema with her unbelievable action moves and powerful acting skills. She played lead roles in various films of that time. During later stages of her career, Siao decided to direct a cult-film of her own. The film turned out to be a major success.

Ever since Josephine Siao left cinema, she has been activity fighting child-abuse. She has shown the soft women of cinema that they can be strong, powerful, and helping.

2- Yuen Qiu

She wasn’t as deadly as Josephine Siao but Yuen had her own charms. She provided comic relief for the martial arts fans while giving them some of the bravest moments of the martial arts cinema. She would slap a dangerous villain without thinking about consequences. She had no fear and her weapon was comedy.

Yuen Qiu seemed to have a great fortune when she joined the film industry. She was lucky to study in the Peking Opera School where she had the same master as Jackie Chan. However, her career didn’t blossom as expected despite securing a role in 1974 James Bond movie.

3- Connie Chan

Connie Chan was another badass girl from martial arts cinema. She usually appeared in movies with Siao. Both made a great fighting pair.

Connie was also a comedian and a powerful actor. She performed important roles in numerous movies of that time. She also studied at Peking Opera School. She was hugely popular among teenagers.

4- Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh is one of the first martial artists from Hong Kong to gain global fame. Many fans think of her as female version of Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

The most amazing thing about the success of Michelle Yeoh is that she learned dance and not martial arts. Still, she was able to make a huge career in martial arts films. She did her own stunts and preferred taking strong roles.

5- Cynthia Rothrock

Cynthia Rothrock may not have attained the kind of global fame that Yeoh has enjoyed; she is still famous among fans of martial arts films for being the first badass American in martial arts films.

Cynthia was first noticed by Golden Harvest studio based in China when the studio team was visiting America to discover something similar to Bruce Lee. Instead they found Cynthia who practicing Taekwondo. The team knew they have found something special.

6- Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi also has a background in dance and yet she became one of the most well-known badass girl from martial arts films. She has been part of some of the most prestigious martial arts projects such as Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon.

7- Maggie Cheung

Maggie Cheung didn’t receive any formal martial arts training. She was a Miss World semifinalist but then things changed for her as she started doing action roles in martial arts films. Without a doubt she is one of the most memorable girls from Asian martial arts films.

7 Historical Facts You Should Know About Asian Martial Arts Films

Asian martial arts films are popular among all age groups. From our grandparents to the young generation today, we all have followed some Asian martial arts films’ series at some point.

Here are 7 historical facts about these films that you should know.

  1. Origin of Asian Martial Arts Films

The origin of martial arts films is traced back to China back in early 1920’s. The genre developed from there and extended its roots to Hong Kong after World War II.

In early 1970’s martial arts films gain popularity in the British colony and the film makers started making films in this genre.

The martial arts genre became popular worldwide in 1980’s with film makers from Japan, Korea, Thailand, India and U.S. among others, start producing films having action sequences based on Chinese martial arts.


  1. The Concept of Martial Arts Tournament

In the martial arts genre, some films have an action sequence in the form of a final tournament. This concept depicting a martial arts tournament where the lead character exhibits his skills against the most powerful opponent was first introduced in Hong Kong originated Asian martial arts films.

The concept got popularity and was depicted in numerous films of all origins.


  1. The First Ever Asian Martial Arts Genre

Wuxia pian is the first ever genre of Asian martial arts with China as its obvious origin. The wuxia pian movies were based on supernatural sword men who had extraordinary powers.

The martial arts masters in these films can fly, had powerful palms and threw magic darts on their opponents.

These movies were an on-screen depiction of the Chinese martial arts literature.


  1. The Longest Movie Ever

Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery is a 1928 Asian Martial Art Film of the Chinese origin. It is the longest movie ever not only in the Asian martial arts genre but also in all movie genres till date.

The movie was released over a period of three years in 9 parts. The total length of the movie was recorded to be 27 hours.

The movie was a major success.


  1. The Wong Fei Hong Films

A large collection of Asian martial arts films account the legends of Wong Fei Hong. Though he died in 1924, but his legends survived till date through cinematography.

Wong Fei Hong was a renowned martial arts master and a whole decade of martial arts movies was dedicated to him.

Between 949 and 1959, 62 movies were recorded to be made on this legendary folk hero.


  1. Bruce Lee’s First Movie

The era from 1970’s to 1990’s was claimed by Bruce Lee with his extraordinary martial arts skills. During this era Bruce Lee became a household name with his movies being dubbed in various languages worldwide.

While Bruce Lee got fame through “Enter the Dragon” in 1973, his first movie was “The Big Boss” that was produced in 1971.


  1. Martial Arts Instructors Served as Directors

Asian martial arts films gained much popularity leading the film producers to pay extra attention on the action sequences of the movie. To give a realistic view, martial arts instructors were hired by film makers who not only arranged the fight sequence but also planned the shots.

The role of martial arts instructor became significant in every film such that sometimes the instructor would over shadow the director.

Even Bruce Lee starrer films took assistance of a martial arts instructor.

Do you know anything different? Share with us in the comment section.


5 Most Amazing Facts about Asian Martial Arts Films

Asian martial arts films have always attracted the audiences from all over the world. If you are thrilled by the action sequences, then Asian martial arts films are certainly your thing.

We see a lot of martial arts in the films but we don’t know the difference among its various forms. Here are the 5 most amazing facts about Asian martial arts movies. We are sure you have never thought of the action sequences in this context before.

  1. Wuxia Pian – the first ever genre of Asian martial arts films

The first ever Asian martial arts film was released in 1905. The film was made in Shanghai. It starred Tan Xei-pai, the Beijing opera star. Beijing opera is the reason we have a whole film industry dedicated to martial arts.

The movie introduced the first ever genre of the martial arts film with its release. The movies made using this form of martial arts were categorized as “martial chivalrous hero films”.

These movies were famous for their traditional Chinese superheroes who were the extraordinary sword men of their era. They possessed exceptional martial arts skills. The actual film making started in 1920.

This genre also influenced the Japanese martial arts Chambara films.


  1. Gongfu Pian – the Bruce Lee fame Asian martial arts films

Gongfu pian or kung fu is the second genre of martial arts introduced in the movie setup. This genre came up in late 1960’s.

Kung fu is associated with the legendary martial arts expert, director and actor, Bruce Lee. This genre gained popularity with his movies. Kung fu genre movies depicted more realistic martial arts skills.

After Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan gained fame in this genre.


  1. Guoshu Pian – the Jackie Chan’s performance inspired Asian martial arts films

Jackie Chan’s kung fu movies gained much fame and popularity. His performance in the action sequences of the movies was recognized in Golden Harvest. His kung fu style became a huge success in the martial arts films.

Chan’s success led the rival studio Shaw Brothers to introduce a third genre in the martial arts films. It was named as Guoshu pian.

Shaw Brothers sought help from the director Chang Cheh and the fight director Liu Chia-liang to film this genre.

Guoshu pian films are a blend of kung fu and wuxia pian. These are also called national art films.


  1. Wuda Pian – the Jackie Chan’s introduced Asian martial arts films

Wuda pian is the fourth genre in Asian martial arts films. This genre was introduced by Jackie Chan since he does all the martial arts moves in his films, himself.

This genre was introduced in early 1980’s. Chan combined the martial arts with contemporary stunts in the modern world’s setup.

Chan’s wuda vision gained popularity worldwide and the genre was adopted by film makers all over the world. The current martial arts movies are influenced by this genre.


  1. Fant-Asia – the modern wuxia Asian martial arts films

Director Tsui Hark introduced the fifth genre in the Asian martial arts films. It was introduced in 1983.

Fant-Asia is the fifth and final genre in this regard. It has all the elements of wuxia blended with modern world’s acrobats. This revamped wuxia also uses the gravity resisting kung fu mixed with far out of sight gags.

We are sure that you didn’t know these facts about Asian martial arts films. Be the first to share it with your martial art film fan group.

5 Asian Martial Arts Films Everyone Should Watch

Martial arts films are a great treat when you are bored. The action sequence in these movies make you stick to the couch with the remarkable moves that the actors portray. The incredible fight sequences combined with a good plot makes the movie even more enjoyable.

Here is a list of 5 classic Asian martial arts films that everyone should watch. You would become an instant martial arts fan certainly.

  1. Enter the Dragon

This classic martial arts film was released in 1973 but it still works wonders no matter for how many times you have seen it.

The movie casts Bruce Lee- the king of these movies. Though it was not his first movie but it made him a legend. The moves were imitated by many. Even it inspired many youngsters to be like Bruce Lee.

The movie also served a milestone for fan following of martial arts in U.S.

The plot revolves around Bruce Lee being the investigator and his journey to unveil the mysteries of a strange island.

Jim Kelly – the celebrated karate expert and John Saxon – the renowned action star are also a part of this film.


  1. Drunken Master

The perfect mix of comedy and action, Drunken Master is an epic to watch. Jackie Chan starrer action movie, Drunken Master is considered to give the biggest break to his career.

The movie used ‘drunken boxing – a form of martial arts that gained popularity after the film hit the screens.

Jackie Chan is playing the character of a disobedient son who later turned to a martial arts expert by a Drunken Master.

The movie gained much popularity and a sequel was made in 1994 named as The Legend of Drunken Master.


  1. Magnificent Butcher

Sammo Hung as a butcher student has been outstanding in this film. The plot revolves around Hung, how he is trapped in a terrific crime and his journey to rescue himself.

The story is a perfect blend of kung fu and comedy.


  1. Ong-Bak

Tony Jaa gave his breakout performance in this film. Jaa played the role of a villager who agrees to bring back Ong-Bak – the stolen head of a Buddha statue from Bangkok.

The film portrays Thai kickboxing martial arts called Muay Thay with a blend of acrobat. Jaa created magic on screen through this character.

The movie is also named as Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior or Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior. It had two sequels.


  1. Ip Man

The storyline is loosely based on the life of Yip Man. He was Bruce Lee’s teacher and also a renowned Wing Chun grandmaster. Donnie Yen from Hong Kong played the lead role as Ip Man.

The film accounts the happenings when Japan invaded China in 1930. Ip Man served his homeland and saved his family through his Wing Chun skills.

The film depicts the martial arts action sequence between Ip Man and the Japanese soldiers.

Though there are many biopics on Yip Man, but this movie was considered the best among all.

The sequel of the movie Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster also got a huge fan following.

If you haven’t watched these movies till now, give them a try. You’ll love them for sure.




Martial Arts Movies

Martial Arts Movies

CFAS 2-9-16-1087
Source: Flickr

Virtually everyone I meet who has learned fighting styles started by viewing kung fu films. One of the most apparent and also most traditional ones are the martial arts movies done by the late Bruce Lee. He really set the bar  in fighting styles movies. He made things much faster, much more remarkable, and much more involved than before. His motion pictures not only had excellent and extraordinary fight scenes, but they also had fascinating plots and scary bad guys too.

When watching old martial arts flicks, it is ridiculously easy to forget how pioneering they were when they came out. Many viewers get caught up in the bad translations as well as cheesy dialog, not observing the crazy unbelievable fight scenes.  The filmss of people like Chow Yun Fat, Jet Li, as well as Jackie Chan have established a whole pedigree of excellence in combat scenes. They flawlessly combined unique kicks, punches, and throws, great choreography, and also amusing antics into one smooth whole.

Naturally, There are lots of other martial arts films besides kung fu movies. America has been making fighting films for years. There were, naturally, the Karate Kid movies. Any person that grew up in the 80s bears in mind these movies. They were appealing due to the fact that they featured a form of battling that had not been normally represented in flicks at the time. Karate is very simple, and does not always create great movies. In the Karate Kid flicks they actually made it function.

Several of one of the most appealing fighting styles movies are really not fictional films whatsoever, but documentaries. I first saw a kung fu demonstration video clip about a year back, and since then I watch as many as possible. Many of these demonstrations are based around long, intricate, elaborate dance-like routines as opposed to easy fighting. All the steps have a combative purpose, yet they additionally have an elegance and elegance to them too. Fighters shadowbox with imaginary adversaries, leaping, vaulting, kicking, as well as punching across the screen with grace and simplicity. They stress fancy aerobatics and fighting styles.

One of the few mainstream actors doing good martial arts movies is Jackie Chan.  While he is often in the popular consciousness, however, there are many other Asian martial arts actors that fly under the radar of all of us in the United States.